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License Generator

Sample copy An amateur's legal operating authority in the USA comes from the data in the FCC's ULS database (see FCC rules, US Title 47 CFR §97.5(a) & US Title 47 CFR §97.7(a)), and not from the paper license that the FCC prints and mails, which is just a legal notification of that data (although the paper license may be required by foreign governments if you travel outside the USA). In fact, the FCC provides a web page for printing a "reference" copy of any FCC license: However, neither the FCC's mailed copy nor (especially) their web page reference copy is very attractive. For a high-resolution (1200 dpi) color license reference copy suitable for printing, enter your callsign below (change the fonts & watermark color if you wish) and click "Generate".

Main callsign font:
License data font:
FCC watermark color:   Red:   Green:   Blue:

Important considerations:

Please do not (except for private use) link directly to the generated license page or copy the FORM submission HTML. Such actions hide the actual author (me) and web site, and are also subject to breakage when I change the underlying HTML. Please link to this page instead.

Please let the webmaster at know if you have any problems or suggestions!

I am not your vanity application private consultant! Private messages (regardless of whether you feel there is a special reason for your application) on these and associated topics will be ignored, rebuffed, and/or made public.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, use the AE7Q message board. I've spent a considerable amount of time documenting the vanity application process. I've created a message board,where I and others have publicly answered very common questions, so that we don't have to repeatedly answer them, particularly in private communications.

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